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Fraudulent activity by scam artists

Apr. 22nd 2017

Unfortunately it’s come to our attention that one or more people are operating an operation to defraud people out of money by posing as our company and pretending to offer loans. LendingKarma DOES NOT OFFER LOANS.


  1. We will NEVER contact you for any reason other than to respond to a customer inquiry or if we send out a mail to our mailing list. Any contact you receive from anyone claiming to offer you a loan using our name is NOT us and should be reported immediately to the authorities. You can also feel free to contact us as we are collecting evidence to help pursue and stop these scammers.
  2. Any emails from us will come from our domain directly, The known scammers are using [email protected] as their email address.
  3. If you receive calls or are told to call 415-712-0779 that is NOT our phone number. We do not make calls to customers nor advertise a phone number. Our business communication is almost exclusively via email from our domain,

If you have any questions or information that can help us stop these people please feel free to email us directly at [email protected] or fill out our contact us form here –

It’s sad and unfortunate that people feel they’re entitled to swindle honest people out of their money. We are working with the authorities to find and bring these criminals to justice.

Michael Kovacs

Founder – LendingKarma

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