Lending or borrowing money with someone you know?
LendingKarma can help!

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  • Save Time!

    Our online software sevice can help you create your legally binding custom loan agreement in minutes!
  • Save Money!

    For a fraction of what you'd pay for a lawyer, our service can guide you through the entire process.
  • Save Hassle!

    Remembering to keep up with payments or worse, having to hassle others about payments, is a pain. Our payment reminders can help.
  • Easily Track Repayment!

    Our simple but powerful payment tracker helps keep your loan current and accurate.
  • Protect Relationships!

    LendingKarma can help stop disagreements and problems before they start, and help you protect your relationship!
  • Stay Organized!

    LendingKarma grants permanent access to your loan document, tax reports, and loan details for all loan participants.

“LendingKarma has made it extremely easy for me to invest in businesses with confidence. Their loan agreements are concise, thorough and easy for all parties to understand. The best part of their service is that you can track your loan's payments online so easily and it calculates everything out with ease. I highly recommend them to anyone who is lending money whether it’s to a friend or a small business – their service is so professional and easy it makes the lending process painless!”

happy lendingkarma loan agreement customer

Edie Thompson
SWAT Academy, LLC

LendingKarma offers two different custom loan products to help you set up and track your person-to-person loan. We've created a comparison of product features to help you choose the product that best suits your needs.
  • LendingKarma Basic includes a custom PDF loan agreement and the ability to receive email payment reminders.
  • LendingKarma Premium includes all the features of the basic product, plus end of year reporting to help with taxes, and access to our flexible online payment tracker.
Product Features LendingKarma Premium LendingKarma Basic
Legally Binding Loan Document
(View sample loan document)
Tick Tick
Support Secured and Unsecured Loans Tick Tick
Legally Binding in all 50 States Tick Tick
Online Storage for Your Document Tick Tick
Clear Step by Step Instructions Tick Tick
Payment Schedule Tick Tick
Email Payment Reminders/Statements Tick Tick
Online Collaboration With All Loan Participants Tick Tick
Record of All Loan Activity Tick Tick
Online Payment Tracking Tick
Monthly Loan Statement Tick
End of Year Reporting Tick
Modify Loan During Repayment Tick
Electronic Payment Processing Tick Tick
Price $99.95
(One time fee per loan)
(One time fee per loan)

(Psst... Don't worry if you're not ready to buy now you can always come back when you're ready.
We'll be here and so will your loan!)

Your Satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed!

We're so confident that LendingKarma is the best way to create and track your loan agreement that if for any reason you're not happy simply contact us within 60 days of your purchase and we'll refund 100% of your purchase price!

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