LendingKarma Customer Testimonials
  • “Thanks for your quick support response. Everything was easy to do. Well done.”
    - Les from St. James, MN
  • “In today's tightening credit markets with outrageous interest rates, my girlfriend couldn't find any reasonable way to consolidate her outstanding debt. We discussed and decided that a personal loan was the best solution. We both wanted to ensure that no matter what, the loan terms and conditions, as well as the payback schedule and loan balance, were documented in a clear and legally binding way. Lending Karma was the perfect solution. We found the site clear, straightforward, and very easy to use. After entering some basic information, the website calculated the loan payment schedule and generated all of the necessary loan documents. After purchasing, we had a rock solid agreement with all of the necessary documentation, exactly what we both wanted. Thanks, Lending Karma, you're the perfect solution to personal loans!”
    - Randy from Boulder, CO
  • “LendingKarma is great! I wanted to be able to customize a promissory note to my specific scenario without going to an expensive attorney. I was able to do that with LendingKarma. I was able to make a loan to a friend with the confidence of our signed promissory note and the email payment reminders are a great feature! Thanks you guys for such a great service!”
    - Mark from St. Joseph, MO
  • “I was looking for an easy do-it-yourself loan agreement to borrow some money from my mom to pay off some high interest credit cards. I'm no longer paying tons of interest and she's getting a better interest rate from our loan than her savings account. A win-win.”
    - Kathleen Danville, CA
  • “Thanks to LendingKarma, I was able to draw up a loan between my sister and myself for the money I would need for a down payment on a house. I wanted to make this loan with my sister more of a legal business transaction than just my sister handing me some money. I found this site to be very easy, economical and a breeze to use, not to mention the email reminder is great too. I would recommend this site to anybody who is considering borrowing some money from a relative or friend just so there are no misunderstandings. Thanks LendingKarma!”
    - Tim from Wheaton, IL
  • “I needed a loan for a car that I wanted to buy and with how hard it is to get a loan right now I decided to ask my mom for a loan, but I wanted her to know that I wasn't looking for a gift. When I went to ask her I showed her LendingKarma and told her that I wanted to use it as a means to formalize our loan agreement. She liked the idea of the formalized document but loved the payment reminder emails and the fact that we could track it all on the site so easily. Thanks LendingKarma!”
    - Beth from Bloomfield, NJ

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